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 Our Story

The genesis of THR3E Design began on June 28, 2019, when we dropped our youngest son Pryce at the Manning Passing Academy in Thibodaux, LA., for his quarterback camp. Suzanne and I decided to take advantage of that time and make a long weekend in New Orleans to decompress some and figure out the next chapter in our life.

After many hours of people watching, a couple of old fashions at a whiskey bar called Le Booze on Bourbon Street we decided to work on a concept for a new architectural firm that could reinvent the delivery process and design methodology of the profession we loved dearly and one that has given our family so much over the course of my career.

We felt that the firm name and the brand were just as critical as the makeup of the team assembled around it. One thing we were very certain of was that none of the principal names would be on the front door. The goal was to establish a brand name that would stand on its own during any future succession that the firm might go through.

After brainstorming many different names, we settled on THR3E Design…. Our founding principles are made up of three simple pillars that make up our firm. The first is our Faith, our Family, and the third is our love for our profession.

The core values we offer to our clients are just as simple, we offer Personal Service, Leadership Involvement on every project, and Design Methodology with a technical edge, this is what makes us different from the pack.

The napkin animation represents the original napkin sketch developed at Le Booze.


The "THR3E" in THR3E Design is to represent that every project designed by us consists of THR3E main people-centric components:

Service: “People don’t choose companies. They choose people.” Our team is comprised of proven, creative design professionals who are client service-driven. We believe that every project needs personal service for the maximization of the user experience. By understanding your goals, we can tailor our services to your specific needs. 

Leadership Involvement: In the ever-rapid changing design world, it is critical not to forget what defines a firm. Firms are defined by their leadership, staff, and their willingness to embrace emerging technologies. While our key staff members have experience working in large firms, we prefer the entrepreneurial spirit and nimbleness of a smaller practice. This choice ensures our commitment to bring back the leadership involvement in every project. 

Design Methodology: Our fundamental goal is to collaborate with our clients to ensure that project goals, project delivery milestones, and project budgets are all achieved. This can be achieved with real time communication, partnering, and embracing technology available to ensure more predicable project outcomes. 

“The success of this team is in large part to your patience, flexibility and ability of THR3E Design to produce at each deliverable (detailed, accurate, thoughtful, and creative content).  Your team has exceeded every expectation and I am grateful for your dedication to this effort and huge accomplishments.  Thank you guys!”

Jaaron Wood - Gallant Builders
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