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Jennifer P. Higgins

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” - Walt Disney

As an avid artist, designer and architect, Jennifer Higgins seeks to create appealing and functional spaces that will meet program needs for every client. She is a registered Architect in the State of Texas and State of New York, with 10+ years of experience in project design and project management. Bringing ample knowledge of Building Information Modeling (BIM), Jennifer ensures proper coordination and documentation of various building systems in projects throughout every phase.


After graduating from the University of Houston, she became intrigued in healthcare architecture and pursued it as a full-time career. Jennifer was also the founder of a small architecture consulting firm in Houston prior to joining the THR3E Design team.


In addition to reading architecture magazines, design blogs, and sudoku puzzles, Jennifer dedicates her time to enjoying life with her husband and 3 children.


Want to know more? 


To take a deeper look at Jennifer's full list of credentials and accomplishments visit her LinkedIn page.

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