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Furniture Flip Win!

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

THR3E Design participated in IIDA's first Furniture Flip competition. Partnered with Porcelanosa and AIS as our designated vendors, the team constructed a game plan on what they wanted to create.

The team secured this beautiful oak shelving display from The Houston Furniture Bank.

Our vision was to transform this piece into a take on a conversation bench, with a hidden bar included!

Thus the Speak-easy-to-me Bench was born!

Equipped with an attached velvet cushion, integrated charging ports on the side, a porcelain stone top, and motion-activated color-changing LED storage space, this piece was the show stopper of the night!

We were able to raise $2,500.00 on our flip, winning Best Overall and Crowd Favorite.

Great job THR3E Design team!

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