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Ruben M. DeLaO

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” - Benjamin Franklin

Ruben DeLaO is an experienced architect with years of project management and on-site field work contributing to a refined and exceptional proficiency in code analysis, building assembly, specifications, quality control and construction contract administration.  A graduate of Texas Tech University College of Architecture, his extensive technical knowledge in analyzing new and existing building construction methodologies, construction documentation, and various forms of project delivery make him an asset to any team.  

A meticulous learner, Ruben is passionate about understanding the why and how’s that make projects successful.  He has proven to be an in-depth resource in chemical, process and equipment analysis, research and design development implementation, and working with both the client and general contractors to develop unique construction plans on very technically demanding projects for many Fortune 500 companies throughout the US and is a registered architect in numerous states throughout the country. 


When away from work, Ruben enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids.  An avid hunter and fisherman, Ruben loves spending mornings in the duck blind with his four legged friend, just as much as he enjoys teaching these activities to his kids.  As a fan of traveling and Texas Country Music, you can find him and his wife at local concerts for up and coming artists or traveling on their next vacation adventure!


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To take a deeper look at Ruben's full list of credentials and accomplishments visit his LinkedIn page.

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